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27 May 2010

8 minutes dating: love, happiness fates got tied eight minutes

Tsai Ya-Yu Cheng’s boyfriend female tension is a native of Chengdu who is now a happy two downtown in Yaan opened a clothing store. Think of two people met, Tsai Yu Cheng said with a smile, “It was a strange memory.”
4 years ago, is still studying at a university in Chengdu, Tsai Yu-way time favorite after school on the site, check what Chengdu delicious, fun place. Very often, users on the site will be a good recommendation to use their own pictures posted to share with you. Yu Cheng Tsai is a “delicious mouth” or a “wild foot bachelor”, those who found any tasty, Haoshua the new place, Cai rain would be the first to join in an absolute way.
One day, Tsai Yu-way that has landed on the website. On the corner of the Forum, one called “eight-minute dating” post to Cai Yu Cheng generated considerable interest. Yu Cheng Tsai outgoing have a good sister has participated in many networking organizations also participated in other forms of dating. This “eight-minute dating” in the end how the story? And other appointments are different?
Driven by curiosity and excitement in the next, Tsai Yu-way reserved on the first post his phone number, to show that they have signed up. She then copied the post in a pen, “eight-minute dating” of the time and place.
Dating site in Chengdu Yulin Road, a very small coffee shop ambience, Tsai Yu-way to the very early. But she is far from the first that, when she entered the cafe, it was already more than 10 individual first. 1 inquire, these people are here especially to attend the “eight-minute dating”, and tension is one of them. In fact, tension is not a traditional guy, so when the thermal field has just begun, well-behaved, pleasant Cai rain and were not attention to the faces of ordinary men.
Next, the coffee shop boss and became the master of ceremonies, introducing guests to the men and women, “eight-minute dating” rules. As the name suggests, “eight-minute dating” of the appointment time is only eight minutes. In eight minutes, the men and women will enjoy being paired to show their dialogue and exchange, Ye Hao, dancing, singing, worth mentioning, anyway, as far as possible in eight minutes, remember the other side. Every 8 minutes between men and women guests had to change seats up to find a new chat object.
And talk to strangers, it is also too difficult to learn, Tsai Yu-way outgoing, but she made a name for the “gossip mouth.” Eight minutes, and A View of Love Jun on gender equality. Another eight minutes, and Jun B on hobbies. Yu Cheng Tsai every eight minutes from start to finish to hold in all the right words, one looks at male guests listened attentively to their endless rhetoric, the way the heart is always Cai rain burst of barely disguised pleasure, until the tension of sitting in the rain Cheng Cai before.
The boys seem to rain than the CAI process can talk, compared to other male guests to show a “match”, tension appears to doing my part. No wonder, about how food Dide Guo Cai Yu Cheng Chengdu native who Tension?
Listening to the introduction of tension, Tsai Yu-way only drool in envy. “There really are so famous? Not discuss how the site?” Tension that many ?????, Cai Cheng even listen to the rain have not heard. Is curiosity, Cai Cheng actually after the rain and the tension leave each other on the phone, and asked her to try the tension that name must be snack.
The next day, tensions will naturally invite Tsai Yu-way out to eat. In successive dinner, the two are getting close. In responding to their appointment, the two gradually became a couple from a friend.

Comment by: “eight-minute dating” is the rise in recent years in China and rapidly popular dating methods, especially in the relatively fast pace of life along the coast is very popular. In Ya it seems to have not yet seen the sight. “Eight-minute dating” victory in the fast, efficient and safe.
Attend a meeting can be face to face contact with a number of unfamiliar opposite sex, and their conversations can be compared and interaction screening. One night or an afternoon you can meet a number of the opposite sex, thereby enhancing the success rate of dating. In addition, it is also more for the safety of the participants, because both you do not know each other’s basic information. After a date, if there is another sense, it can be further contacts.
In addition, the “eight-minute dating” Another advantage is to save money. General eight-minute appointments are private dining out together, men and women through the AA system in the form of participation. General male guests to cost no more than 100, the cost of female guests will not exceed 50. Compared to the traditional blind date way to save time, money much more.

Travel Tourism:
ALICE change the story of love

Shuang Cheng is a reporter for a friend, he and his boyfriend is now in the travel to get to know and love. Determined to love her flowers and flower can be considered non-fat, unintentional positive outcomes.
It was the winter of 2006, travel-loving Shuang Zheng participated in a called “Ya see rain breeze” of users on the network organized a “dream Tuen Valley Tour.” Call posted on the website is a popular, just a week’s time, was the top post to a 6.
In the network conversation, Cheng Shuang found landlord “Ya see rain breeze” While living in Yaan, it was a dream Tuen people. Therefore, since introduced their own home, “Ya see rain breeze” have been very professional, post a few dreams in the valley landscape photos Tuen, suddenly attracted Cheng Shuang.
Collection starting … … As the team inside the skewed sex ratio, coupled with the lack of beauty. So handsome beautiful along the way became Shuang Cheng ranks of the “Little Princess”, accompanied by men playing all of “flower lovers” role. One of the 20-year-old single men to behave very prominent. From water to the bag and, from walking to the tour, the men have to take care of every possible way.
The man named Wang, called Wang Weiguo. Shuang Zheng He is the current boyfriend. Say a tourism alone can Outrageous care of detail, it is too unrealistic. However, Wang Weiguo initiative through the exchange, Cheng Shuang an initial impression with its goodwill, and then came in again and again to take care of and be taken care of, finally led to the two hands together. Catalyst is the last leg of the journey - “Snow Line.”
Climb mountains for Cheng Shuang petite size is a difficult thing, keep up with the natural rhythm of Cheng Shuang left behind. Fortunately, Wang Weiguo in its side. Risks encountered deep snow ladder, the Wang Weiguo always first try and then holding insurance Pathfinder Shuang Zheng forward. Cheng Shuang want to give up a few times back when, Wang Weiguo would encourage her to continue upward.
In stumbled, slipped several times, the two finally reached the top of the hill. Welcomed efforts of not only the beauty received, but also won their love.
Even today, Cheng Shuang think of snow line will compliment their boyfriends, “Although feeling thin and small, but still very sense of security in a dangerous moment of.”

Comment by: Because more and more people love traveling, so have the appearance of that word ALICE. By car, on foot, public running, hiking, rock climbing … … What is not chipping away of the “** a visit there,” but rather a return to nature-based physical and mental enjoyment.
Point open travel site, publish carpool travel posts, similar to walking, public ran countless posts. Posted between man and Replies may not be recognized, through tourism which root invisible bond to each other, pulling together. It is not for the purpose of holding blind date, but often will allow participants to have an unexpected surprise.
I believe that this intimate form of the most comfortable and cost is not large, as powerful interaction, although both men and women initially did not know, but by recognizing that understanding of these processes which are filled with travel in bit by bit and, therefore, will not be embarrassed.
A group of people traveling together, ate, lived with the tour a few days time. Inevitable that at some point both men and women will spark a little friction out a trace. In particular, single men and women, more easily “displaced” environment where interdependence and support. This “total happy, fair-weather” process is the cornerstone of marriage for both. This dating the form of too many advantages, but its obvious shortcomings, is the lack of security.

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