Do not take other people’s problems to punish their own

14 May 2010

Studies Dan (female) 30-year-old Corporate Purchasing

You thought about it more in line with the principle of happiness, to get to know a person, the result is more and more unhappy. How is it? In the end is your own reasons, or in fact each other’s mistakes? We listen to both men and women are troubled by the emotional experience of the story, take a look at the problem lies in the where in the end?

Was introduced six months ago, I met a man to do finance. He is 8 years older than me, not to say that “big old” or “big eight” are worthy? Blood,Compaq M2000 Keyboard Constellation also looks like all kind of fit, even more coincidentally, he and I even dated the same day with the students. I must admit I was a little hint, that is likely to Me and him.

We always see twice a week, eating shopping, and occasionally send messages, in addition, there is no surprise, he does not even send me home, eat a small shop to find the cheapest. I am a bit lost, laptop keyboard|HP laptop keyboard but think about is the legendary “left women”, but also asked him how? But he will be in the park, no office, to do some intimate contact, if I am embarrassed that he would be happy to ask: “You talked about love?” So I believe we are in love.

Once, I take the initiative, said: “Recognizing that long, you still do not know where to live.” One day he finally asked me to put forward play where he lived, near where only said, but the address Quemei sent me; until I take a lot of food out of the subway station, I do not know Roof hard to call him, did he pick me out of reluctance,HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard but a mess of chaos at home, not unlike the way we prepared to entertain guests. Then came the second, we made an appointment to meet, he arrived at a temporary let me go far away for him, I am not feeling well also Maozhuodayu drive past, he had 250 dollars in order to accept what the market survey I waited in the rain more than two hours. I am a little complaining, he said: “how much crap? Now with my blind dates are generally 20s girl, some are nice, but they are my first rejection!”

I was very angry, to break off; In fact, I quite cherish the love, and felt very sad, but also reflect on their own, to take him to the phone to talk, but he does not seem interested.

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