“Adriano” Liu Chao Yin Zhengyi “, if you’re” Female guests and feelings

6 May 2010

Jiangsu Satellite TV New School Friends program “You Are the One” has been popular since the broadcast, to direct the contemporary values of youth popular screen marriage, for example, and their parents, to children, living conditions have become dear to the topic of men and women focus love and the most controversial than the relationship between material conditions, some female guests because of economic conditions, outspoken, has even been criticized for the audience, “did my heart.” But in the recent “You Are the One”, a sitting on millions of private deposits has three cars of the “rich second generation” of collective ?? 24 female guests off lights, even invite friends Paizhuan, non-host, said Meng “If You Are” on stage, female guests choose their own feelings are more rational, material conditions have not been blindfolded.

The second generation of collective experience rich off lights

Jiangsu Satellite TV on the broadcast of “You Are the One” column, suddenly appeared in a “rich second generation.” This young man named Liu Chao wearing a white T shirt match jeans, looked ordinary, but the momentum is not small, a male guest who had changed female guests chatter does not yet exit status. Female guests have said: “I do not think a good proportion of his body.” Liu Chao reacted strongly, shaking shoulders eyebrows to ask: “You figure the proportion of it?” Female guest was quick to answer: “I think you’re rude.” Lack of demeanor, expert comment to the scene immediately pointed out that Liu Chao Jia Le modest enough: “Other people talk, he likes to strong response.”

Liu Chao claims to stock and food and beverage industry, is sitting on three sports, when brought their own income, said casually: “Well, sometimes market earns a 3 50 000 a month.” After this round of shows, not only a strong economic base Liu Chao did not give extra points, but lead to more resentment of female guests. Female guests off lights blunt: “I particularly could not understand him, what is your great.” Own businesses Wu Xiao female guests more proud to call themselves the money is labor income, and Liu Chao’s wealth has come from parents, nothing to show off.

Also the rich how the second generation also introduced its own sports cars and brazen challenge to himself “would rather sit in the BMW crying, do not ride bicycles,” the Manor: “Mano is not quite like the BMW car Yeah, it is better to me BMW in Kuba. “Mano already off lights after reading only one sentence:” I do not like than I loved the people. “

Finally, in that Liu Chao female friends usually send gifts have been sent a car to make generous move, the only fully extinguish the last Jizhan Deng, female guests have said it could not accept such a rich young man.

User group Paizhuan

Liu Chao netizens to comment as: “the arrogance of the wealthy people, recruit people despised!” Netizens also summed up all of his “arrogance Quotations,” called him “the best second generation due to pumping of the rich.” Some users said that the female guests off lights collective outcome is “great satisfaction”: “we should let this know that money is not everything!” This is the program through the network of “You Are the One” Rimano represented “did my heart” has also changed their assessment: “I thought such a rich display of the player when after the lights were off to regret it, can they prove the performance of the show, in their eyes is not the only money The most important thing is really emotional. “

Meng non: Reality ? worships money

During that period, “You Are the One”, the on-site experts Roca Comment strong words over Liu criticized the attitude of host Liu Chao Meng Definitely not trying to remind parents not from the glorious pot of gold. Could see that they regard this “rich second generation” is also a little advice. Have contacted the host and psychological experts, non-Lok Meng Jia, regardless of what time is the love of money is not the most important factor to measure.

Yue Jia Ti-rich second generation from this there are still comments: “When speaking very proud, and not go for all female guests he still feel that they are cattle. I did not like it. But I think the girls did well, Although the program before they will care for the boy in the material conditions,HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| but this period of program, we found that although the girls now know that money is important, but more aware of the importance of character, I am very pleased. prior to that, “You Are the One” emphasize substance users and viewers can take a break up. “

Bangladesh Non-then think that the reality of female guests, and their pursuit of true love is not in contradiction: “Now the girls find their friends would be more realistic to consider that question, this is normal, I think the reason they will take into account the economic conditions of male guests are to make love to have a more stable living environment, and this is no particular question, most people’s material living conditions required it is comfortable, not luxury. “For some girls were friends before they called the” worships money, “Meng not more that:” From all the lights off will see this thing out of the inner man is their first consideration, although their reality, but it does not matter, and still have their own pursuit of love. “

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